Creative fleur announces it’s section #Vibrance in #UK’s #NottingHill #Carnival! 

Representing #Creole culture through its costume designs,  Vibrance will have a section in one of UK iconic #carnival bands of all time Cocoyea London for a second year running. 

Designs are heavily influenced by #Trinidadian Traditional Mas costumes, where each costume has a meaning or tells a story. 

Last year the carnival costumes were proud to have featured Ghanaian #Kente throughout their designs. This year there has been a strong focus on African and South American tribes such as the #Kayapo. 

We aim to spread our culture and music with that sense of pride that we have. We aim to put the ‘traditional’ in the ‘modern’ day now. 

Please show your support and follow us on the following 

 Facebook: @vibrancemas 

Twitter: @vibrancemas

See you all soon 

Flavour – Nwa Baby (Ashawo Remix) [Official Video]

This Nigerian track was a massive hit for Flavour in both Nigeria and Trinidad especially during Carnival 2014. I love dancing to this, even though the song is about a prostitute?!!

It became the song that the Trinidadian Soca singer Denise Belfon did her own special take on with ‘Chuku Chuku’ and gave an amazing romantic performance at Soca Monarch. Please see her video in my next post.

Timaya Ft Machel Montano -Shake your bum bum

I love this song, sorry there isn’t an official video yet! Watch this space.

Collaboration between Nigerian singer Timaya (please search Nigeria under categories for Timaya) and Trinidad’s finest Machel Montano.

There seems to be a strong African feel to this years Soca tracks. Exciting!

The Trinidad Carnival Transformation

Trinidad Carnival

Sounds dramatic right? Each time I participate in Trinidad Carnival I learn something about myself and my friends. I am sure I am not the only person who grows a little after participating in Trinidad Carnival.

So what are these changes? Well when I first went to Trinidad I did not have a clue what to expect. I was shy and self conscious to the point I almost followed the crowd (my friends) as the thought of being alone in a different country was a little nerve racking, however I always remember having a real passion for Soca music.

My band’s costume was ordered online and the fact I didn’t physically have the outfit in the UK, made me feel the skimpy bikini wasn’t real. This meant I never questioned how I would feel wearing it and dancing in it publically.

As the fetes and parties leading up to the carnival finale took my mind over, a difference in environment made me feel I could be whoever I wanted to be. Being on an island where the rules of what size or shape are deemed attractive felt much broader than the UK and made me feel less body conscious. When I collected the outfit, I only tried the costume bra and I felt comfortable, I surprisingly needed no ones approval and quickly focused on getting ready for the fete that evening.

On the big day of carnival. I put my outfit and make up on and looked in the mirror. I remember feeling blessed with my body shape. I danced down the road like I owned it and even harder when my band Poison were being judged on stage. I lost my friends a couple of times (and parts of my costume) but there was no worry or panic, mainly because I was too busy whining down low!!!!

My experience as a bacchanal virgin left me feeling a sense of pride. It made me feel like my figure was perfect, that having a larger chest and bum was no reason to cover and hide. I felt empowered.

When I returned to England. My choice of clothes and my body conscious behaviour changed for good. I think the only thing that has remained constant is my thirst for Soca and hunger for DAL PURI and CURRY!